Selecting a Pushchair (with Do's & Dont's)

Selecting a Pushchair (with Do's & Dont's)
Selecting a Pushchair

If you're thinking about what type of pram, pushchair or travel system to choose, keep in mind three important considerations: your needs, your baby's needs and your general lifestyle.

Choose a pushchair that suits your lifestyle

  • If you use public transport regularly:
    •  a lightweight and compact folding pram/pushchair/stroller would be best.
  • If you use a car:
    • check the size of your cars boot space and compare it with the folded dimensions of the pram/pushchair/stroller.
    • you might also want to consider a multi-function travel system that's an infant car seat and pushchair/stroller all in one.
      If you go with infant car seat - it is recommended that babies shouldn't be left in it for more than 2 hours.
      Only if you go with a lie-flat auto carrycot or lie-flat car seat travel system, you will not have such restriction (2 hours limit) of conventional infant car seat because as these models can lie-flat and are suitable for new-borns to sleep in.
  • If you walk a lot, choose a strong model with lockable swivel wheels and good suspension
    • Swivel wheels make a pushchair/stroller easy to manoeuvre, while fixed wheels make handling easier over rough surfaces. Also try to get one with adjustable handle  make sure you choose the correct handle height for you.
  • If space is a premium at home, look out for models where the seat unit will fold compactly away as this will take up much less space.

Some Do's & Don'ts

  • Do read the instructions carefully and familiarise yourself with all the moving parts before start using the pushchair for the first time.
  • Do familiarize yourself with how to open & fold it, and how to operate breaks & safety mechanism. Show it to anyone who's going to use your pushchair.
  • Do check that locking devices are secure when you open the pushchair. Release all safety locks before folding it.
  • Do secure your child in the pushchair with the five-point safety harness.
  • Don’t leave your child unattended.
  • Don’t carry more than one child in your pushchair unless it's designed for that.
  • Don’t use raincovers indoors or in strong sunlight as this can cause overheating.

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